Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Brazil MTC

Oh. My. Goodness. I don't even know where to begin.


I love it here, but I'm still in the MTC, which is super crazy and strange. We are THE FIRST group to do this... to be out in the field and come back to the MTC. The time we've been in the field ranges from 5-12 months. Basically, we're the test group to see how this is going to work and what is effective. Another group came in today. They're taking videos of us teaching, pictures of us talking to people in the streets outside the CTM, in regular clothes... anything and everything and sending them to Salt Lake. Okay, it's not that crazy, but it's a very different experience.

We speak in Portuguese 24/7 here. I have 3 teachers and 2 of them can't speak english. It's a second shot at the MTC, and it's really helping. Portuguese is really coming back and I love it. I have less than a week left, I think I leave for the field on Tuesday.

Some exciting/big things...

-I was assigned to be the Sister Training Leader here, even though I have been out the least amount of time and only for like 10 days total, but I have definitely seen some of the reasons why this week. It's really hard for some to have been in the field speaking english and being able to express everything and suddenly being back in an MTC struggling to teach basic lessons in Portuguese and not being able to understand a lot. I'm doing fine, but I'm so glad I get to be in a position where I can help.

-Yesterday, we got to go out of the MTC and street contact! We also got to go to a shop and buy some chocolate. It was really really fun!

-Today we went to the Campinas temple! It's beautiful! Really. It was so nice to be back in the temple. That might be the last time until I get back home.

Some things about Brasil...

-I love the people here. LOVE THEM. I get lots of kisses on the cheek and hugs (only from Sisters, and Irmas... Don't worry!)

-The food is awesome too. I love it. A ton better than Provo MTC food. One of my teachers said the food in Ribeirao Preto is really good and drew a picture on the white board of what Sisters will look like when they get back from serving there... basically very round. We'll see. I will be walking a ton!

-It's so much easier to speak the language all the time this time around in the MTC because we all have a foundation of Portuguese!

-Also living in our room are 2 Sisters from Brasil and I can understand them most of the time! Sometimes it takes a few times of repeating, but it comes. I know the Lord is helping me. I have seen so many great things with my district and Portuguese.


I really love it here. Really. I know it's going to be another challenge to go back out in the field speaking a new language, but I know Heavenly Father will help me. Thank you so much for all the prayers. I KNOW that we can do hard things when we rely on our Heavenly Father.


Com Amor,

Sister Shipp

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