Monday, March 31, 2014

8 Months on a Mission

8 MONTHS ON A MISSION. I seriously cannot believe it. So much to say and so little time so this is probably going to be way unorganized...
-We had Zone Conference this week! It was so great, but I couldn't understand everything. One day.... but I did learn a ton and am continually trying to become a better missionary.
-After Zone Conference, I tried out for a mission choir and made it! Today I am in Ribeirão Preto for rehearsal which is literally all day today. Sorry friends and family... looks like I probably won't be writing any letters today... I dont know what the choir is for exactly (to be honest, I don't understand what's happening 90% of the time...) all I know is that it is for something in July. Maybe an apostle is coming? Like Elder Nelson is apparently going to CA Ventura mission... so jealous....
-At the major bus station this morning, my companion was getting some money out of the ATM. A man started staring at me from a distance and said something I didn't understand. I must have given him a confused look, he repeated "bonita" which is beautiful. I said thanks. He came closer... He asked a question I didn't understand and then asked again and my companion turned around really fast and said "NO!" I guess he asked if he could kiss me on the cheeks like most brazilians do. He then reached for my hand so I went to shake his hand and he pulled my hand towards his mouth... and I pulled the other direction when I realized what was about to happen. He was confused and asked why and my companion explained about rules. Finally he shook my hand and walked away. Entertaining. Ha.
-Guess who I saw today, who is in the choir as well..... ELDER MENDEN! A blessing, really. We haven't had much time to talk, but it is so nice to talk to someone going through the same transition as me. Really. I was glad to see him. I can't believe its been almost a year!
-José Luis will be baptized this Saturday! YAY! We are all super super excited! I cannot wait!
This week, Ive been reflecting on how much I love the scriptures. Literally. I know that we receive answers to our prayers through the scriptures and the stories in them. What is amazing too is the opportunity we will have this Saturday and Sunday to listen to a prophet and apostles of God. I want to invite each of you to listen! Just get on and watch. I know that I will receive answers to my prayers as I listen to conference. I've been thinking a lot about my friend Chelsea Larsen this week. It's been 3 months since her accident and I miss her tremendously. I know that through the words I will hear this weekend at conference will help me. I know it will help me with everything I am going through.... missing Chelsea, adjusting to Brazil, everything. All I have to do is tune in and listen. How grateful I am for the words of God that we can find in scriptures and that the Prophet and Apostles will speak. I hope I can listen to it in English. I'll be praying for that :) Eu amo vocês. Obrigada! For everything!

Com Amor,
Sister Shipp

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