Monday, February 24, 2014


After 6 months in California and almost 7 months total on a mission, my visa has finally come! I will be leaving for Sao Paulo, Brazil tomorrow morning and arriving the following morning. CRAZY. I can't describe my feelings right now. I found out that they are starting a new program for Brazil Visa Waiters who have been re-assigned for more than 2 months... a 2 week Portuguese refresher course in the Sao Paulo, Brazil MTC. Yes, I'm going back to the MTC! To the MTC I was originally supposed to go to though! I think that will be such a blessing. It is going to be hard to leave California! So hard. This is my first mission! Now onto the second. I know I have learned so much from being here and look forward to new lessons and adventures that await me.
I guess if there's any message I'd like to leave with y'all today it's this: the Lord really does give us the experiences we need if we will just open our eyes. He'll give us opportunities to learn and grow. He'll give us relief and comfort. He'll also give us the people that we need as well. With every experience, good or bad, we can take an approach of "What can I learn from this?" rather than always pleading for other events or experiences.
I love the Lord, and I know He has blessed me with so many experiences that I needed. I know He will continue to give me these experiences in Brazil, even through the challenges that are ahead of me. Thank you for all your prayers. They have helped so much, and I know they will continue to be needed within the next few weeks especially.
Much Love,
Sister Shipp

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