Monday, February 10, 2014

Miracles for Sure

What an amazing week. There have definitely been some hard times, but the good and amazing far outweigh the challenges. We are seeing such great miracles here in Camarillo. I wish I had time to tell them all. If there was any one thing I learned this week, I think it was that Heavenly Father really will help us reach our goals. We set goals each day in terms of how many lessons we want to teach, people we want to talk to, and how many people we can begin teaching on a regular basis. I have really seen this week that those opportunities to reach those goals were given to us. For instance, setting a goal of 3 lessons for the day and having 3 people placed in our path that we could teach. Whenever we set goals that are pleasing to Heavenly Father, He will help us to accomplish them. I know this to be true; I saw it so many times this week.

I went on exchanges with Sister Stoker, who I had the opportunity to serve with in Ventura. It was so amazing to be her companion for the day and I learned so much from her. It's amazing to reflect back on my mission. I've been out for a little over 6 months total, 5 months in the Great California Ventura Mission. I can't even describe the changes and growth that I can see in myself. I can only imagine and wait patiently to see what more the Lord has in store for me as He shapes me into who I can be.

It seems Brazil is getting closer and closer. I just got a couple emails from my mission in Brazil. Of course they were in Portuguese so let the translating begin! It's amazing how much of the language is still with me. I know that's definitely a blessing. I am so grateful for this time to serve the first part of my mission in Ventura California. I'm really blessed to serve with Sister Ashworth right now! It's incredible how much you learn from and love each companion.


Love y'all!

Sister Shipp

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