Wednesday, June 25, 2014

June 23rd - TRANSFERS and...................

I´M TRAINING! My goodness. Talk about nerve-racking. I should be getting her tomorrow! I have no idea what country she´s from or nothing. I hope she´s Brazilian so I don´t have to teach her Portuguese as well. We will see. All I can say is that I am nervous and excited! I know how important trainers are, so I´m way excited for this opportunity. Prayers would be much appreciated.
This week was amazing. One of the things I´m really learning on my mission is trusting Heavenly Father. We saw so many amazing miracles this week, and I know it will only continue this transfer. This transfer we are looking forward to some baptisms and a wedding. Woohoo! It´s an exciting time to be a missionary in Bebedouro!
Love you!

Sister Shipp

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