Monday, June 9, 2014

An Example of the Believers

Hello All!
I am really out of time, but just wanted to say all is well here :) Except for the fact that my sister graduated from High school yesterday. Where is the time going? Congrats, Ash! I´m so proud of you :) Wish I could have been there.
If there´s anything I´ve been thinking about this week, it´s the example we set for others around us. Our example is SO important and literally changes lives for the better. I´ve definitely seen this here. We are teaching a woman who´s sister is a member. She saw all the changes that took place in her sister as she learned about the gospel and is now seeing those changes in herself. She is so excited to be baptized  as soon as we can work out a few things.
So be an example. You never know who is watching.
Sister Shipp

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