Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Exciting Week!!!

What a week in Bebedouro!
Just found out too that my trainer is getting married in a few months. Congrats Kelsey! I´m way excited for you!
Wednesday was Jeniffer and Leonildo´s wedding. It was so great! It was a special day and they were so happy :)
Thursday, I got to be companions with Sister Marchant (my MTC companion) for a day! It was so amazing to see how much we have grown since we were companions a year ago in the MTC. We were remembering the struggling to teach in Portuguese in the MTC (how scared we were, how we had no idea what was going on in lessons, how we prayed SO HARD before each lesson) to now when we can say pretty much anything we want. I´m so grateful for all the amazing companions I´ve had! I´ve learned so much from each of them while on my mission.
Friday was Jeniffer and Leonildo´s baptism! It was simple, but it was really sweet. They were confirmed Sunday. It was so amazing to see their smiling faces this week as they took some important steps in their lives that will bless them and their family forever.
My heart is so full that I get to be here and experience all these amazing things. I am so grateful for my mission. <3
Much Love,
Sister Shipp

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