Monday, April 14, 2014

Peace that comes from God

The confirmation of Jose Luis was yesterday. It was so special! He is so great.

We got caught in the rain for the first time on Friday or Saturday. It started raining right when we got off the bus. Then it was pretty much pouring. I have an umbrella, but I don't carry it with me everyday because its just extra weight on my back! So we got really really wet. Like dripping. The other Sisters were home planning when we arrived. They got a pretty good laugh in.

We stopped to get some pastry things for dinner one night on the way home. We tried talking to the person selling us the food, but he didnt speak Portuguese... or English... only Chinese. It was pretty much impossible. Where's Elder Valentine when you need him? ;)

Otherwise, nothing way eventful happened this week. I am just really grateful for the gospel in my life. I am grateful for the peace it gives to me and others. We met a woman who has been through some really terrible things. At the beginning of the lesson, she was crying telling us God didn't love her. By the end, after talking about God's plan for us and what that really means, she was smiling and really recognizing the blessings she has in our lives. I know only the gospel has the power to really bring us peace in this life. Its not always going to take away our hard times, but it will give us the strength to endure. I read this morning in Mosiah 24 in The Book of Mormon (I think especially 9-15ish) about the Lord strengthening the people in their afflictions and then eventually taking the afflictions and freeing them. I love that. That's the pattern for our lives. Whatever trial we have, God will help us through it and we can feel peace in the midst of hard times. I know these things are true; I've definitely seen this pattern in my life and am so grateful for the help of the Lord.

Love yall :) I hope you have a blessed week!

Sister Shipp

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