Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Where did I come from? Why am I here? Where am I going?

If you've ever encountered these questions rolling around in your mind, this post is for you.

Where did you come from?
Each of us are spirit sons and daughters of God who lived with Him before we were born. Heavenly Father (God) presented a plan to us which would enable us to become like Him. This plan to become like Him included us receiving bodies like He has and coming to Earth to be tested and tried. We knew our time on earth would be difficult, but could see the eternal blessings that awaited for us that we could receive in no other way. Everyone who has been born or will be born onto the earth accepted Heavenly Father's plan and felt joy after we made our decision. So the earth was created for us by Jesus Christ under the direction of the Father. Adam and Eve were then created and placed in the Garden of Eden and given the choice to eat of the fruit or to stay in the garden forever, never having children or not knowing joy because they knew no pain or sorrow. The Fall of Adam and Eve was part of God's plan. In the garden they never would have known good from evil or had the opportunity to endure hardship and trial to become like God.

Why are you here?

Now, in this life on earth, is the time to prepare to meet God. If we live in such a way that pleases God by keeping His commandments and receiving all the necessary ordinances (such as baptism), we can return and live with Him after this life. Because of the Fall, we are in a fallen state or mortality with imperfect bodies and everyone will experience death. The experience of trials such as sickness, death, depression, and many others are part of the plan to refine us. As we experience these trials, we grow and our testimony of God can increase. We learn from our mistakes and strive to do better, but we will make mistakes; this is also part of the plan. Because no imperfect person can live in the presence of God, He sent His son, Jesus Christ, to the earth to suffer for our sins and to overcome death. Jesus Christ lived a perfect life and was baptized as an example to us. In Gethsemane before He was taken to be crucified, He suffered all the pains, afflictions, and sins that anyone who had or would come to the earth would feel. He has felt all your sorrows, not just your sins. He did so that you could repent of the sins you will make, but also so that you will never walk alone in this life. You will never be alone because Christ has felt perfectly everything that you have felt, are feeling, or will yet feel. Christ also overcame death when He was resurrected the 3rd day after His death. Because He was resurrected, we will be also after we die.

Where are you going after this life?
Death is a necessary part or our progression. When we die, our spirits go to the spirit world. Death does not change our personality or the level of our desire for good. Those who chose to obey in life on earth will live in a state of happiness, peace, and rest. When we are resurrected (our bodies and spirits are reunited) we will be brought into God's presence to be judged. We will perfectly remember our actions on earth and those who have repented will be shown mercy. Our God is a just God. All will receive immortality (will live on forever with a perfect body which will no longer be subject to illness or death), but only those faithful during their time on earth will receive Eternal Life which is living with God forever in eternal families (remember how I said you can be with your family forever?). The choice is yours today.

Want more information? Click Here to learn more about this plan or go to mormon.org

I know these things are true! I know Heavenly Father loves us which is why He created this plan and allows us to choose for ourselves.

63 more days until Brazil!

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