Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Families Can Be Together Forever

On Friday, I was able to go through the Houston, Texas temple for the first time. In that sacred building, I made promises to my Heavenly Father and was promised great blessings if I will do all that I have promised. 

Temples are all about families. At the end, I walked into the most beautiful room of the temple. The first thing I saw were my parents standing waiting for me, arms around each other, smiling. They rushed forward to give me a hug. I know that this is what Heaven will be like. All those we love that have passed on will be there waiting to welcome us with open arms when the time comes if we have done our part here in this life. I don't think Heaven will feel like Heaven to us without our family there beside us. In the temple, families are sealed together for time and all eternity--It's not "'Til death do us part;" It's forever. This is a blessing everyone can have if they will only do their part. When you are sealed to your family, you know that you will be with your family members after this life. Death only parts us for a moment. What a blessing. I am so grateful for this knowledge that I have through the doctrine of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. To share this message with others is why I am going on a mission. A missionary is "someone who leaves their family for a short time so that others may be with their family for eternity. " I believe that's true. It won't be easy leaving my family, but I know there are people in Brazil who desperately need the truth that I have.

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