Monday, April 8, 2013

He Knows You

It has now been a month and a half since I got my call and I've had some time to think. I am so excited to leave, but thinking about the goodbye terrifies me. I had a realization though the other day! Saying goodbye to everyone before I left for college was really hard, but I was fine once I established a new routine. I remember realizing "I guess I was more prepared for this than I thought!" I think this will be similar to what will happen on my mission. I am so thankful for the experiences I have had at BYU. I know the past two semesters has been part of God's way of preparing me to go and do His work.

I want something to be clear: I am not going on a mission to see the world, I am not going simply to learn another language, I am not going because I think it will be fun, and I am not going because of any sort of expectations. I am serving a mission because I know The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the true church on the earth today. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are the ones directing it today through a living prophet (Thomas S. Monson) and twelve apostles. Jesus Christ directs these men just as He called and led His apostles at the time of His ministry. The Lord still speaks today. How could He ever leave us alone?

This past weekend, I watched General Conference which occurs every April and October. During this conference, God's prophet and apostles speak and give the Heavenly messages needed at this time. My religion professor challenged us to write down three questions before conference began, watch all 4 sessions, and record our thoughts. The Lord answered all three of my questions. I know He is aware of each of us and will provide the answers, guidance, and aid we seek. The Lord was aware of my fears and needs this weekend. One of my greatest fears is leaving my family and friends and not being able to be there for them in the same way I can be now. Henry B. Eyring said in his conference address that as we serve the Lord, God will not only watch over our family and friends but bless them greatly as well. I know they will be in good hands while I am away.

The whole conference was amazing. If you have questions you want answers to, want to learn more about God, need an uplifting message, are curious, or just have a second click this link and go listen: General Conference Highlights
I promise it will be well worth your time.

For the girls thinking about a mission:
Do not feel pressured to go. I think it takes great courage to go and I think it takes great courage to stay. Heavenly Father has a plan for you that is best, allow Him to share that with you and act on it. He will answer you if you sincerely ask, just be patient. If you are feeling like you don't want to go because you are scared, remember the blessings that will come to you and your family. He will give you what you need to fulfill His plan for you.

Life is an adventure with many different paths to choose; He will never leave us to walk alone.

114 more days until another adventure begins!

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