Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy New Year!

2015 already? New Year´s Eve we were sleeping when we were woken up by lots of noise and fireworks at midnight. We watched them from the window for a few minutes, wished everyone a happy new year and continued sleeping. Holidays sure are different on the mission!
As time winds down here, I feel like I have a lot less to say. We keep busy going on exchanges with companionships of Sisters. This week, we went on 2 exchanges. Between exchanges and trying to keep up with our area, time passes really fast.
We received our plans for our last week here... interviews with President Brum, lunch with him and Sister Brum.. we´ll visit people in my first area (Bebedouro), go to church in our area (Campos Elíseos) the last Sunday and Monday, we´ll get on a plane. Sometimes it´s too much to think about, but it´s all exciting too.
I am so grateful for this time as a missionary. It has truly changed by life.
Love y'all!

Sister Shipp

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