Monday, July 7, 2014

JULY. Wait, what?

I cannot believe it´s July! Oh my goodness!
This week was so great! I am definitely learning so much with my companion, Sister Vaneza. She is wonderful! It´s really great going back and remembering the basics as I teach them to her. It´s also been fun trying to remember back to September-November when I was a new missionary doing the 12 week training program with Sister Anderson and Sister Xayadeth. What good times!
So the 4th of July here in Brasil. It was also the day of another world cup game when Brasil played Columbia, so there were firecrackers and cheering, but my companions informed me that it was for the game and not for the USA. I still think it was for the US ;) I wore red and blue and sang the national anthem for my 3 Brazilian Sisters here. Sister Jales sang with me (of course wearing her Brasil stuff with a Brasil flag) and we took a video. It´s too big to send, but you´ll see it soon.
We´re having good times here in Bebedouro and seeing miracles everyday!
Hope yall have a great week!!
Sister Shipp

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