Monday, January 20, 2014

The Work Goes On

A New Transfer:
First week as Senior Companion! It's been crazy, but so amazing!
My companion is Sister Ashworth from Georgia! She grew up outside of Atlanta but actually moved to Texas her senior year, just outside Beaumont. It is fun to have a companion that shares my love for Texas. She is great, so happy all the time! This is her 3rd transfer, she's been on her mission for 3 months. This week my head has been inside the map trying to figure out how to get to each place. Good thing I'm getting really good at navigating!

Mom sent me a copy of an email from the Church Travel Office estimating 2-3 weeks on my visa.
It's in the final stages of processing! She said I should be able to go to Brazil for the next transfer, meaning Feb 25. How crazy is that? My heart stopped.
Needless to say, I've been feeling pretty anxious the last couple days. I was feeling pretty torn. I love this mission and I love the people here. It was Saturday night when I got that letter, Sunday was Stake Conference, a broadcast from Salt Lake. Elder Anderson was one of the speakers. In his talk, he mentioned an experience he had when he lived in Sao Paulo. As he spoke, I felt so calm and remembered the love that I had felt for Brazil when I received my call and anticipated leaving for my mission. I know that whatever happens, whether I go or stay, that the Lord will send me where I need to go. I have seen so many reasons why I have been in the United States for the first 6 months of my mission, and I am so grateful to have had these experiences.
Miracle of the week:
Sharron, our amazing investigator! We were supposed to have a lesson with her Wednesday, but she was feeling sick, so she cancelled. Thursday morning, we had planned to go see a less active member who lives really close to her. As we approached the member's apartment, we saw Sharron outside! We went and talked with her, she met Sister Ashworth, and then invited us in. We had a spur of the moment lesson in which she asked us a lot of questions and we talked a little more about the Word of Wisdom. Then she came to Stake Conference yesterday! Afterward, we were talking with her and a member about the blessings promised as we live the Word of Wisdom. Sharron is going to encounter some medical changes this week, so the member talked about living the Word of Wisdom and how it would help Sharron with these changes. We testified that it would and committed her to begin living it. I know that the Lord really is preparing His children. We heard a lot about that in our Stake Conference. They quoted D&C 84:88 a lot where the Lord is talking. It says something like, "I will go before your face, I will be on your right hand, and on your left." One of the speakers asked, "Will He really go before me and prepare the way?" He has promised that He will! I testify that He already has and will continue to do so!
I feel so much joy as I listen to the Prophet and the Apostles that Jesus Christ has called to lead His church today, just as He did when He was on the Earth. I know and I testify that these are men called by God who have the authority to speak for Him today. I know that as we listen to them, we receive guidance, answers to prayers, comfort, peace, and joy. I know that Jesus Christ is leading this church today and I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a servant of Him, spreading His word, whether in Brazil or California, it is the same.
Have an amazing week!
Sister Shipp

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